Dealing With Complexity

The design of highly complex information and communications systems, in which information flow and dynamical interaction is increasingly important, requires approaches that are not well handled by more traditional systems engineering assumptions and techniques.

Jenby Consultants Limited specialises in the provision of systems engineering and analysis services at Enterprise and System of Systems levels, with particular focus on Complex Systems in the command, control and information domains. Our work is particularly relevant to the defence sector, where dynamically reconfigurable systems of systems capable of delivering assured capability in unpredictable circumstances are increasingly the norm. However the principles and approaches are enduring and widely applicable in any complex context.

Primary areas of expertise:

  • Capability analysis and development
  • Complex Systems Engineering
  • Systems Integration and Interoperability
  • Modelling, simulation and visualisation
  • Dynamical systems and system interaction
  • Design for Behaviour
  • Design for Information
  • Architecture analysis, trade-off and design

The emerging insights to Complex Systems Engineering approaches align with those across the range of modern sciences, which are arising from a clearer understanding of the science of complexity.

Paradoxically, many of the sectors that rely on exploitation of the modern processing and communications technologies that have enabled a clearer insight to complex systems behaviour, are less willing to relinquish or modify ‘established’ approaches to design. Herein lies the opportunity for advantage.